Tips to Better Communicate With Your Agent

Let’s face it, we have all been in the situation where we are not sure how to communicate with a certain person. Whether it be your significant other’s friends or your own, we all get into those sticky situations. When you get to the point in your life to buy / sell a home, you will have to communicate with your agent! This communication will put your wants and desires first, and while searching for a home, your real estate agent will need to know this information. However, it can be hard to communicate these desires, so what is there to do? Here are some helpful tips to better communicate with your agent! 

Keep Your Appointments, Be Patient, & Be On Time

Although the agents here, at Skender-Newton Realty, mainly focus on the communication we give our clientele, we still want to improve and understand our client’s buying / selling needs. We try to be there for every client, but sometimes it can be hard. In today’s market, agents are working into overdrive trying to sell homes and buy fast! This market has gotten to the point where homes are selling within 24 hours which is incredible! As much as agents want to immediately answer your call, it can be quite difficult to do so every time your phone rings. Putting it into perspective, if your agent answered a phone call while they were showing you a home, you may be upset. Agents will always work hard to answer your call when the availability comes up. However, a sign of concern is when it has been up to 52 hours before your agent has gotten back to you. At SNR, we will do an automatic reassignment if an agent has not gotten back to you which can help eliminate the waiting period. When you do meet with your agent, make sure to be punctual, or let them know if you are going to be late. Sometimes, agents may have other appointments after yours, so this will give them a chance to communicate that with their future appointments. We all know that everyone has their own life outside of work, so please communicate your absence / tardiness. We appreciate your time as much as you appreciate ours! 

Agents Cannot Read Our Minds

As cool as it would be, unfortunately this is impossible. So, make sure to make your expectations known! It is much better to be completely transparent when explaining your expectations. For example, if you expect them to meet every Thursday at 4:00, make sure to communicate this. By expressing your expectations, it can help sort out any misunderstandings, confusion, and / or miscommunication. This will also help provide your agent with the information to make you happy! We are in the business of making people happy, and this stands to an importance to us! Also, let your agent know how often you would like to communicate, how you would rather communicate, and the best times that fit with your schedule! As a final note, make sure to tell your agent if something is bothering / annoying you! We want to help you in any way possible! Again, we are in the business of making YOU happy and feel important! 

Be Ready 

If you are unsure about buying, make sure to let that be known with your agent. We would like to help you buy your first home, but we understand the doubt. Your agent can help you understand the benefits, but also discuss a real-world view of buying a home. Although buying is more effective than renting, it can be hard to make the commitment. So, be sure to communicate this with an agent. If you are sure about buying a home, but not in a rush, also make this known to your agent! If you are 100% ready to buy, and fast, be prepared to make an offer! In today’s market, you have to jump immediately to make an offer.

Like stated before, we are in the business of making people happy! We love being able to help you with one of the most important things you will ever do! At SNR, we want to be here for you and your family. We want you to find the perfect home and sell your home for the best price! We are here to help you!

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