The Reserve at The Country Club - Cookeville, Tennessee

It’s time to be upfront about the different choices you have when it comes to purchasing a new home. There are many items to think about when this idea comes to mind, but try to think about which option would better suit your lifestyle. We have recently talked about some of the benefits of living in a home in White Plains, but let’s share some insight on living in a neighborhood that carries a luxurious and easy lifestyle. The Reserve at The Country Club is a simple and quiet neighborhood that offers convenience and easy up-keep. If you are looking for a simplistic and convenient lifestyle, read on as we explain further why this neighborhood is one of the hottest in our area.

Great Walking Neighborhood

In up-and-coming neighborhoods, you may see some room for improvement, but The Reserve is continuing its growth for families who purchase their homes. They have lights that cover the majority of their area which creates a great environment to enjoy walking, jogging, or even riding a bicycle. This is a beautiful neighborhood that supports neighborly relationships and focuses on building friendships. 

Putnam County focuses on its natural areas and provides an abundance of parks and walking trails. With this, it should be known that a walking trail is available right outside of this neighborhood that connects directly to the city! So, why not take advantage of our gorgeous, Tennessee weather and purchase a home where enjoying a relaxing walk is easily accessible.  


Have you ever dreamed about the possibility of walking to your favorite, local coffee shop from your home? Well, The Reserve can make that dream a reality! It is located right outside of the City of Algood, Tennessee. If you plan on traveling into town on foot, it is a glorious, four-minute walk. Tennessee Tech University just bought the golf course near this neighborhood (Tennessee Tech Golden Eagle Golf Club) which opens up the opportunity to walk over and set up your tee-time! Trust us, this neighborhood can offer you convenience at your fingertips. 

Easy Up-Keep

The Reserve is a neighborhood that focuses on simplicity. Once you purchase a home at The Reserve at The Country Club, you will fall in love with the easy lifestyle that it comes with. With having yards built for neighborly barbeques, small flower gardens, and lovely decks, the upkeep is not straining by any means. 

Today’s Recent Sales Price

1,950 sq/ft home: $300K’s - $350K’s 

1,450 sq/ft home: $200K’s - 225K’s

2,350 sq/ft home: $350K’s - $400K’s 

So, if you are at all interested in learning more about this area, give us a call at (931) 261-9001 or click HERE to browse similar areas in Putnam County.

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