The “How-Tos” to an Environmentally Happy Home!

We have all been in the position where our dads get upset with us for touching the thermostat, but I think they actually are on to something! Most of us do our best on recycling, using reusable shopping bags, and possibly drive a fuel efficient car. So, the question may linger within our head; are we doing enough? How can we all reduce the carbon footprint we leave at home? 

Dad’s Favorite - The Thermostat

Most Americans use the thermostat to its full potential. When it starts to get below 50 degrees, we usually crank up the heat to an average temperature of 70 degrees. On the hindsight, when it’s in the middle of summer in Tennessee, most have the air conditioner on at a temperature of 72-75 degrees. Just because these are the averages, does not mean they are good. Heating and cooling your home accounts for nearly 50 percent of personal carbon emissions! Yikes! 


Be sure to check your home’s insulation before the cold weather hits! If you constantly run your heat and put it into overdrive, it puts you at risk of leaving a larger carbon footprint than intended. Older houses will have a problem with air-loss, so let’s get it fixed! By doing this, you will also see a change in the price of your electric bill as well! It is a common equation of: more heat trapped in + heat running less = happier wallet! 

Let’s Talk Energy Star - Rated Systems

Energy star-rated products range from simple household appliances to windows! The appliances often include dishwashers, washers and dryers, etc! You can find almost every household appliance that is energy efficient! Windows are also amazing for conserving energy as well! These windows can darken when the sun is too bright to prevent the sun from heating the room, still get natural light in to prevent the use of lighting, and it also has a seal so strong that it will prevent cool air seeping into your home. 

Programmable Thermostats 

Programmable thermostats are amazing, and definitely ‘dad-approved.’ These thermostats allow you to be able to set certain temperatures while you are away from your home or asleep! By having this system, you can guarantee that your pocketbook will feel relieved! Most houses will have this program within the home, but older homes may need to upgrade to this system. 


Energy efficient lights are amazing for saving money! LED lights last 10x as long as the old, incandescent lights. These lights are designed to condense the usage of energy. By making the switch, you will also notice a difference in your electric bill!

Turn Off That Faucet! 

How many gallons of water do you think we use every day? On average, each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day, for indoor home uses. The largest use of household water is to flush the toilet, and after that, to take showers and baths? Now that you are shocked we use this much water, are you ready to start living an environmentally friendly lifestyle? 

All in all, I think our dads are right; let’s stop touching the thermostat too much!

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