Spring into Warmer Weather and Colorful Decor!

While spring brings in warmer weather, it also brings more opportunities for a new look in your home! You know the phrase “spring cleaning” right? Well, this is a whole NEW definition! Instead of just cleaning around your home, why not add some pizazz? In this blog, we are going to go into depth on how to create a brighter look to your home! 

 Fresh is Best: 

You can always liven things up with plants and flowers around your home. Plus, there are some studies that have shown that plants can help create a relaxing environment. I mean, with how crazy the world is at the moment, it can help to have a nice breath of fresh air, and that is exactly what having plants and flowers in your home can do. If you do not have your mother’s green thumb, you can also grab some picked flowers, greenery, or even a succulent. A few simple sprigs of color from plants can bring so much life into your home! If you do not want to add the upkeep of a new plant to your busy schedule, head over to Hobby Lobby and grab some fake plants! Even fake plants can add an amazing touch of color to your home! 

 Refresh & Rejuvenate 

Lightening up the look of your home can be an extremely easy task. A couple little tweaks can add so much! It can be as simple as adjusting your coffee and accent tables in your living room to adding a coffee bar into your home. No matter what you decide to adjust, adding natural light and a fresh feeling in your home is key. 

 It’s Time for an Update!

Bedding is something that is often forgotten about when it comes to styling your home. Spring is all about awakening, so this is the perfect time to wake up in your bedroom with some new bedding! If you do not want to spend the money on a new set, just switch out that heavy winter comforter! In recent years, white bedding has been the most popular amongst home buyers due to its ability to use all year! Plus, switching to a white bedding set can make your home feel clean, fresh, and cheerful!  

Rearrange the Rooms 

Rearranging furniture can change the entire look of your home! When you rearrange a room, it is likely that it will feel more homey. It will also push you to hang out in that area more often! 

Spring is close, so it’s time to refresh your living space! Warmer weather brings NEW and FRESH opportunities!

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