National Organize Your Home Day

On the 14th of January, it will be a day of organization. Trust us, after how 2020 went, you will love this fresh start to your home. Before we get started, let’s go over the organization equation! This equation factors in time, money, space, and effort. We all know how easy it is to slide back into bad habits when it comes to organization. When trying to get into a routine, countdown from 30 days; this is the amount of time you need to break bad habits and/or gain new ones. Yes, we all know that getting things organized can be a real pain, but it is absolutely needed! This is a guide to help organize your home for good! You’ll thank us later!

Remember the Three Rs

  • Reduce what you have. 

  •  Be resourceful. Find creative ways to use your belongings 

  • Be resilient. Don’t add to the clutter!

It’s Time to Take Inventory!

  • When looking through your cabinets, be sure to donate the items that you do not need or have too much of. 

  • Eliminate excess or mismatched tupperware. 

  • Get the same-sized plates and bowls or match them the best you can in your cabinet.

Um, Do You Really Have That Many Shoes? 

Any shoes that are littered around your front door, organize them with a shoe rack or take them to the bedrooms. When organizing your home, you want it to be clear and clean! 

Prioritize Your Playrooms!

Playrooms are easy to leave unorganized, but looking at the spread of Legos, cars, Barbies, etc. can be frustrating. Put toys like Legos in bins that are shallow and wide. This will make them easily accessible for the kids. When kids have fewer toys, they are more likely to play with the one they have. So, maybe it’s time to take a look at the toys that they play with. The toys that are not getting much use could be donated. I know what you’re thinking; “Why clean up if it’s just going to get messy again?” Well, we can always solve this with a simple game of ‘clean up.’ Set aside a timer for three minutes, and have the kids race to see how much they can pick up in that time. Now, it’s clean again! 

Less is More 

By having less items scattered throughout your home, you will have less to clean and organize. Honestly, it’s worth it to donate items that you don’t/rarely use. 

3 Minutes Per Day

If you allow yourself three minute per day to keep yourself organized, you will have better control over the organization of your home. Maintenance is one of the most important items when it comes to getting/staying organized. 

If you set this to be your routine, your home will stay organized throughout the year. Make this one of your 2021 resolutions! Let’s all train ourselves to be more organized. Practicing this will ultimately be the best thing for your health and mind. A clean area creates a clear mind! 

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