Moving With Pets

Are you thinking about taking advantage of the market and selling your home? Are you currently going through the process of moving? Is this your first time moving with your pets? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may also be thinking of a way to ease your pet’s stress while making the move to your new home. We can all agree that moving can be extremely stressful for all of us, but imagine how anxious it can make your precious fur baby. Our pets can be easily stressed out when it comes to a change in their environment. These challenges cannot be easily solved, but there are several ways to ensure the mental state of you and your pet through this stressful process. So, let’s go through some tips and tricks to keep your pet at-ease when making a move! 

Prepare for the Night: 

Just like all of us, we need to be sure to pack our pet’s belongings for moving day! Be sure to put together an easily-accessible ‘overnight bag’ that has enough food, toys, and grooming tools (if needed). If you are an owner of a beautiful cat, be sure to pack extra kitty litter. Unfortunately, moves can cause an uneasy tummy for your pets. So, be sure there is a place for them to ‘go.’ Whether it be in an adorable suitcase for your pet or in a box, you need to be sure to pack all of the necessities! Be sure to pack all of their favorite items to create a comfortable environment for them! By having these important items already packed, it will be an easy transition into your new home. It will also put your fur-child at-ease during the first few days of unpacking!

Talk to Your Vet:

If you are looking to move out of the area, be sure to contact your vet before you start packing your items! By talking to your vet, they can get all of the records needed as well as any medication needed for your pet’s health. Just imagine traveling to another state without your medication; it would be awful! So, be sure you have everything lined up before you leave. If you have not researched any veterinarians in your new city, ask your current vet if they can give you an extra prescription for your pet’s medication. Also, you may ask if there is a vet in the area you’re moving to that they recommend. Keeping these items in mind before the move, will make things so much easier for you and your pet! 

No Action: 

During the move, it is important to keep your pets away from the action. The best way to reduce your pet’s stress is to keep them in the quietest place possible. It is recommended to keep your pet either in a kennel or at a friend’s house during the day when the action starts; this would take your pet completely away from the stress. If this is not an option, it is important to move your pet to their new location last! Find a secluded room in your home that would be the furthest from the action. In this scenario, be sure to check-in on them often and fill their food bowls! If they are not eating as much as they usually do, do not be alarmed. This happens when they’re stressed, which can put their tummy in knots. If they do not return to their normal eating habits within two days, call your vet to ensure your pet’s health. If  you are just starting the moving process, it is recommended to empty out one bedroom and keep them in there while packing your items. If it is a gradual move, moving items one-by-one will be less stressful on your pet. 

Take Them in Your Own Car

While moving your pet, it is best to travel in your own car and keep them in their carrier with their favorite blanket to snuggle with. Some animals seem to feel more at-ease when a blanket is draped over their carrier during the car ride. This will prevent them from seeing the environment changing, which can cause stress and worry. It will be easier on them if they are transferred in your own car based on scent. We all know that our pet’s noses are more sensitive than ours, so it will be more comfortable for them to travel in a car that provides a familiar scent. I know, it’s weird but think of your beloved animal before transferring them to their new home in a UHAUL. 

Letting Your Pet Out During the Ride: 

Depending on how far you have to travel, try not to let your pets out that much. If you have a long car ride ahead of you, be sure that your cat has a small litter box to use during the ride. Dogs, on the other hand, will need to be let out. However, make sure to put their collar on before opening the door. If they were to get out before arriving at your new location, they can easily get lost. On shorter rides, try not to open the kennel’s door until you have placed it in your pet’s ‘comfy area.’

Keep Them Secluded: 

It is important to remember to, “move your house before your pet.” Be sure to set up as much as you can before you move your pet into your new home. By getting things nearly situated, your pet will be able to rest easier than coming into an empty home. Remember, your pets do not usually take too kindly to change, so be sure to make the environment feel ‘like home.’ 

We all love our pets, and some of us even call them our “fur-children.” So, when we are changing up their environment, it is important to keep them as comfortable as possible. Like stated before,  moving can be a stressful process for everyone, but the stress can be amplified for our fluffy friends.

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