Local Brew Tour: Part Two

If you love to venture out and try new things, this should catch your attention! In and around the Cookeville area, we have many local breweries starting to become local hotspots!  We are on a mission to go through Cookeville and surrounding areas to try local breweries throughout the summertime and give you our thoughts! With today’s brewery, we are going to discuss one of the only female-owned businesses and breweries in town! 

Hix Farm  Brewery:

Hix Farm is a Micro Brewery specializing in beautifully crafted beer made with locally sourced ingredients. If you are a free spirit, this is the place to go! Hix Farm presents a natural feeling within its establishment. The inside presents a fun, rustic atmosphere, which is great for your friends and family. They have an abundance of board games and even a dart board! If you are looking to just chill; this is the perfect place for you! On the outside, you will see the beautifully lit patio with a warm fire pit for those chilly summer nights, and live music almost every weekend. This unique brewery seems to be popular amongst the town’s younger generation. It has really created a unique environment, and it truly reflects who they are as a business. From beer to buddies, this place is perfect for a night out! I suppose the best word used to describe this locally owned brewery is “hip”. 

Hix is a fun, yet quiet brewery located across from Cookeville’s famous Ralph’s Donuts. During their time of opening (EST. 2015), Hix has made 40 unique brews. In their first phase of opening, Hix started with a two barrel system in 2015. Obtaining more popularity amongst friends and family, they decided to open a taproom in May of 2017. Without expecting it, they quickly outgrew the taproom and decided to expand into a fifteen barrel system, leading them to re-open in July of 2018. Ever since the re-open, they have been actively serving the community as one of the best craft breweries in Cookeville, TN! 

 Have you not been won over yet? Well, they love to support other breweries in and around the Cookeville area as well! During the seven days of being open, they offer twenty-four taps behind the bar, which are typically twelve of their own indie beers and twelve from other breweries. Hix Farm offers a great atmosphere as well as delicious beer! Are you looking for a new place to meet up with your friend group, this is the perfect place! Definitely check it out! 

There are many items on their menu that are our favorites, but you will have to try it for yourself! If you are confused about the menu, ask for the bartender’s advice. They will often ask what you drink on a regular basis, and make a few suggestions based on this. In this situation, leave it to the brewing pros! 

Their Farm:

Like stated before, Hix Farm hosts delicious beer, but how can they accomplish such a great recipe? Well, they have the right people and the best ingredients to help them! By brewing with local ingredients, it definitely packs more punch into each sip of beer. If you do not have the right ingredients, you will not be able to accomplish a great outcome. Each brew made at Hix is packed full with flavor and originality. 

Hix grows their own hops on a farm previously owned by Amon Haile. Haile was a Revolutionary soldier who took up an abundance of land along Flynn’s Creek, and this is the location of the Hix Farm today. The farm is kept by the owner’s cousin, and they started growing hops used for their delicious beers. If you are a fan of IPAs, try the Amber IPA brewed from Hix Farm hops! 

All in all:

If you are looking to have a chill night out with your best friends, this is the perfect place to go! Yes, they have delicious beer, but they have also created a friendly environment for their customers. Hix Farm is truly one in Cookeville 's best-kept secrets.  

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