Local Brew Tour: Part One

If you love to venture out and try new things, this should catch your attention! In and around the Cookeville area, we have many local breweries starting to become local hotspots! We are on a mission to go through Cookeville and surrounding areas to try local breweries throughout the summertime and give you our thoughts! 

Red Silo Brewing Company. 

The Initial Impression:

Walking up to this beautiful establishment, you are greeted with a mural of Red Silo’s logo on the front side of the building. Riding by, you will also see the spectacular seating area that is partly covered by a ‘silo seating bar,’  which is a beautiful addition to their outdoor patio.  Red Silo makes it possible for you to enjoy your friends and family in the outdoor seating area, which expresses a delightful ambiance. From the hanging lights to the friendly atmosphere, you will feel as if you were on a friend’s back porch; it feels so personable. On the inside, there are two beautifully crafted bars, indoor seating, and a stage for live entertainment. The main bar carries many options of beer that are seasonally changed, depending on their popularity. They also offer hard seltzers and cream sodas that are frequently changed out to add variety to the customer’s options. So, you don’t necessarily have to like beer to visit! They have many drinks that are delicious for you to try! 

On a typical Friday or Saturday night, Red Silo usually has an appetizing food truck for those who are needing a quick bite! In the past, there have been many trucks scheduled to come, but the most popular truck that has made its appearance is The Pizza Machine! Offering gourmet pizza, The Pizza Machine seems to be a major hit in the Cookeville nightlife! They have made an appearance in almost every brewery around the area, but they are frequently asked to revisit Red Silo due to popular demand! The Pizza Machine is unique based on its design and tactics, so you’ll have to give it a try! 

Red Silo offers great service as well as delicious beer! They have an amazing system and will always have someone tending to your ‘beer’ needs! Whether you are a regular or not, they will make you feel like family upon your visit! 

Our Favorite Selections:

There are many items on their menu that are local favorites; here are a few that we recommend! 

  • Skinny Bikini

  • Peanut Butter 

  • Farmer’s Daughter

  • Wild Corgi 

  • Belgium Thong 

If you are ever confused about the menu, you can always ask for the bartender’s advice. They will often ask what you drink on a regular basis, and make a few suggestions based on this. In this situation, trust your bartender! The Red Silo team knows their stuff! 

All in all:

When was the last time you were able to enjoy some time with some friends or family in public? Well, this may be your shot to go and hang out in the town! Red Silo is a family-friendly place that offers an abundance of beer selections, live music, and delicious food trucks that will send your taste buds into space! Red Silo offers top-tier service, and we recommend you to try it out!

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