Light or Dark?

After discussing this in a recent post to social media, we wanted to touch upon the idea of having dark colored cabinets compared to white. The color of your kitchen cabinets will definitely depend on your style preference; traditional or modern. A traditional cabinet will often be a brighter color: white, cream, mint, etc. This traditional style will brighten up your kitchen and present more light. While these lighter colors were extremely popular a few years ago, there has been a shift in desired colors within the past few years. 

Navy and black are the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets which fits the modernized look. These darker colors have been climbing the popularity ladder since 2019. According to an article written by Lily Ann Cabinets, darker cabinets will never lose their style from here going forward. If you find to lean more on lighter colors, that’s okay too! White is also a timeless color that will never lose its touch, but statistics show that the darker colors are beginning to win the popular vote. 

The benefits of having darker cabinets range from timelessness to durability. Darker colors, especially navy, hold their style. They present a somber, comfortable atmosphere within your home. Like stated previously, they will never go out of style; they are practical in their longevity. These colors have the flexibility to mesh with any trend, and if you want to sell your home in the future, these colors will be a valuable addition to potential buyers. Unlike its lighter cousin, you will not see every scuff mark, spill, or bump on these cabinet doors. While white cabinets seem to be a safe bet, they also will show more than what you may want. Personally, my mother’s cabinets were bright white for a while at my childhood home. Yes, I will admit that they were extremely stylish, but it seemed like she was repainting every other month. Dark colors are durable and practical for a house full! 

Dark colors are also wonderful to mesh with different styles. If you want a home with light grey walls, accent your cabinets with a navy or emerald. Both of these colors will add a timeless and classy look to your kitchen. If you wanted to change things up and add a special tile backsplash to your kitchen walls, do it! All in all there is no holding back when it comes to these fabulous cabinet colors. 

The bottom line is, you have the freedom to choose a style that best suits you! No matter what color you choose for your kitchen cabinets, do what best accents your personality!

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