Incline of At-Home Workers / Decline of Productivity

The global spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, is keeping more people at home. Many businesses are shifting into a remote schedule, but is it possible to be productive while working from home? While many may look at working from home as a blessing in disguise, it can also lead to a decline of productivity. For those who were in a routine of going into the office as a regular 9-5, it may be difficult to comfortably work from home without any distractions. Instead of waiting for the day of your return into the office, make the most of your remote-schedule! If you find yourself in this predicament, read along as we go through some tips and tricks to keep yourself busy while working from home.

  • Maintain Regular Hours 

Having a clear schedule will easily increase your productivity and you will be able to maintain a work-life balance. One of the benefits of working from home is definitely the flexibility that it provides. You have the capability to extend your day or start it earlier if needed. If this is the habit you would like to form, be sure to maintain this recommended schedule. 

  • Morning Routine

Yes, you are now able to work in your pajamas, but this can actually decrease your productivity! That being said, be sure to put yourself into routine! Whether this be through making yourself a cup of coffee and actually having the time to enjoy it or doing a quick yoga session before putting yourself into your office chair! While some can wake up and be productive, this is not the case for the majority of American workers. Just remember this; a routine can be more powerful than an alarm clock at helping you get your day started! 

  • Take Breaks 

Taking breaks while working is the best thing you can do to help your stress. One thing that the majority of Americans have learned while working from home is that it can be more stressful. The reason for this is simple; we don’t allow ourselves to take a breather. It is important to get back to an email, but remember that it may not be necessary to do so immediately. Working without taking a mental-breather will allow you to get rid of any stress that you are holding over your head. Do not let your work consume your life while working from home. 

  • Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

The majority of successful employees have a reputation of being extremely disciplined. However, even the most disciplined employees let their attention drift sometimes. If you find yourself working one minute and scheduling your next vacation the next, don’t be too hard on yourself. The majority of office-workers do the same thing! After all, you need to balance productivity with self-care; otherwise you risk burning out. 

All in all, we are all in this together. Each American has a very different life, but we all want to achieve the absolute best for ourselves. We want to keep our drive and determination through these tough times. Remember, working remotely can be a difficult task, but time-management can be even harder. Once you have mastered your work-life balance, working from home can be easy and more flexible!

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