Eastlake - Cookeville, Tennessee

When purchasing a new home, weigh out all of your options. Have you thought about living in an area where ‘lake life’ is easily accessible? Yes, heading to have some fun on a lake during the summer can make an individual eager for warmer weather. We have recently talked about the easy-going lifestyle that The Reserve at The Country Club brings, but let’s share some insight on living in a neighborhood that carries some fun in the sun! Eastlake is an affordable neighborhood that offers easy access to City Lake. If you are looking to live near the water, read on as we explain further why this neighborhood is one of the hottest in our area.


When lake homes are brought up as an idea to purchase, price is immediately discussed. Yes, living on or near a lake can be a costly lifestyle, but Eastlake is very affordable! This neighborhood is an older, more established area that can bring a peaceful living. Plus, they offer homes that can fit your ideal size! In this beautiful neighborhood, there are a variety of homes that differ in size to fit your needs! Looking for a single-family home near a lake and convenient to town, no problem! Your dream home will come to life when you make a move into this neighborhood! 

Aside from size, Eastlake offers lake views, privacy, and easy access to City Lake! So, what are you waiting for? These homes are ready to provide you with comfortable living space! 

Lake Accessibility 

Have you ever dreamed about the possibility of walking to your favorite fishing spot? What if you could walk to your kitchen window and view the lake while making your daily cup of coffee? Have you ever wanted to own a kayak, Jon Boat, or canoe? Well, Eastlake can make that dream a reality! There are many activities that you can participate in when moving into a home at Eastlake! Some homes in Eastlake offer lake views, while others offer larger-than-normal homes with typical Upper Cumberland Views. If you love the lake, you will love the life that Eastlake will bring to you! So, let’s jump into the kayak and paddle our way into talking about City Lake!

City Lake

City Lake is located off Bridgeway Drive and one of the favorite natural places for locals! This local ‘fav’ is also a favorite of fishermen who are seeking to catch catfish, bass, and bream. For those who love to kayak, Eastlake provides 35 acres of water to glide across! Are you more of a walker/hiker? The most popular trail takes walkers on a short, scenic walk past a historic structure toward the invigorating sigh of cascading waters! 

Today’s Recent Sales Price

1,400 sq/ft home: $150K’s - $200K’s 

1,800 sq/ft home: $230K’s - 250K’s

2,000 sq/ft home: $250K’s - $300K’s 

So, if you are at all interested in learning more about this area, give us a call at (931) 261-9001 or click HERE to browse similar areas in Putnam County. 

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