Downton Square - Cookeville, Tennessee

It’s time to be upfront about the different choices you have when purchasing a new home. There are many items to think about when this idea comes to mind, but try to think about which option would better suit your lifestyle. We have recently talked about some of the benefits of living in a home near the lake, but let’s share some insight on living in a single-family, zero lot-line home. If you are looking for a home to fit your busy lifestyle, Downton Square may be the place for you! These homes are a fabulous addition to the life of a person that is constantly on the go! 

Many individuals are hesitant about purchasing a zero-lot-line home, but we have to remember that buying a home with acreage is a big responsibility. Homes with acreage come with hard work and maintenance. On the other hand, zero-lot-line homes bring a much easier lifestyle for people who do not want to take on the responsibility that comes with buying a home with acreage. 


Once you have signed the paperwork to obtain your condo, it will seem like you are in a permanent vacation home. Downton Square offers an easy-going lifestyle for those who do not want to take full responsibility for lawn maintenance. You will never have to worry about repairs and upkeep! Downton Square has a lawn maintenance team that will keep your yard looking great! So, you don’t have to worry about getting the mower out; they have it covered! 

 Built-In Amenities

Downton Square comes with many amenities fit for upscale, luxury living. Just think, it will be as if you were living in your resort! It comes with a community pool and pool house with a full kitchen. It also has full-time camera security systems to keep your family safe and well protected. These homes also offer the convenience of living right off the square! It’s worth it to look into, trust us!  


Location is everything! When purchasing a home closer to the city, the cost can go up. Ultimately, most try to live a little bit outside of the city to save an abundance of money. With Downton Square, you will be in the heart of Cookeville. Plus, this lifestyle can offer you the convenience of walking to the grocery store! Purchasing a home in Downton Square ultimately means easy and convenient living!

Today’s Recent Sales Price

1,200 sq/ft home: $240K’s - $260K’s 

1,500 sq/ft home: $280K’s - 300K’s

1,800 sq/ft home: $320K’s - $340K’s 

If you are in search of a new home and interested in these homes, talk to one of our agents @ (931) 261-9001!

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