Cookeville Hotspots

So, let’s say that you are new to the area and planning to explore the city a bit. As this sounds like a magnificent idea, it can be hard to pinpoint where the best places are. I mean, there is “restaurant row,” but who wants to explore a town and go to a chain restaurant? When going to a new place, it is always important to look up the restaurants, activities, or shops that locals rave about! So, we are a step ahead of you; here are our city’s hotspots! 

 Cookeville is a great place for a weekend getaway, but where should you start your exploration? 

 The Pink Elephant: 

Yes, that’s right, the Pink Elephant! This shop holds one of Cookeville’s most popular Instagram spots in the city! “Ellie” the Elephant is a Cookeville staple, and we are proud to have her in our town! Ellie often wears some stylish sunglasses, but if you come down during the summer, you may see her flaunting her favorite bathing suit! If you are looking for a “photo-worthy” spot while in the city, visit 680 S Willow Avenue! 

 Cream City Ice Cream & Coffee House

When you are on vacation, do you ever develop a sweet tooth? Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure do! When my sweet tooth aches, I like to go to Cream City. This little ice cream shop is also a Cookeville staple, and locals love this place! Would you like to revisit your childhood and get a “Superman” cone? Well, if you visit Cream City, buckle up and prepare to be transported! 

City Murals

Cookeville celebrates art, and it is evident in the abundance of murals around the city! Yes, they are mostly celebrated by the younger generation as they represent the murals through their Instagram posts! These murals are located in the heart of Cookeville and looked at as an amazing addition to the city. I would recommend checking them out! 

Moogies BBQ

CHOO-CHOO, here comes the BBQ! Have you ever gone on a TN road trip without eating some delicious barbeque? Right, I didn’t think so! In Cookeville, Moogies is a fan favorite amongst Cookeville’s locals. They have an abundance of BBQ items to choose from on the menu, so definitely make sure you stop in!

If you haven’t made the trip to our adorable town, be sure to do so! This town is a great place to visit, so book your stay TODAY!

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