Colorful Walls or Nah?

In a world of so many colors, why not use them to transform your home? Well, using an article written by 1stDIBS as a reference, we explore two diametrically opposed decorating styles. While these styles are polar opposites, they are equally as chic and sophisticated. Interior designers are ones who tend to experiment with different textures, light and shape, and sometimes, even a statement-making pop of color. Since we are not all interior designers, we will go through the different types of styles to match what may fit your home the best! 

If you are more bold and bright, maybe a splash of bright blue, yellow, or even a bright yellow will help you feel more at home! Bright colors in a home are stunning and now becoming more relevant in the world of interior design. If you are one who likes to host different types of parties, you may be looking for a ‘statement-making’ color! By adding a little more color to your home, this will create an amazing atmosphere for parties and small gatherings! Plus, that splash of color may be a top conversation piece at your party! 

Neutral colors, on the other hand, are subtle and simple. While both of these styles offer a chic look, neutral colors will always offer a traditionally classic look to your home. They will often give your home more of an open illusion. These colors will often make people feel more warm and comfortable. If you have a ‘subtle’ sense of style, then neutral colors will be the best suited for your home. 


Now, interior designers do speak about their experiences about the concept of ‘change.’ When it comes to home styles, the owner may have a spark of creativity, but if you are leaning more on one side than the other, there is a chance that change will cause an uncomfortable atmosphere. If you are more of a ‘traditional’ style; painting your wall a mustard yellow may cause you to feel uneasy in your own home and vice-versa. Interior designers encourage changing things up and get outside of your comfort zone. However, they go on to explain that these changes do not last long with the owners they have worked for in the past. 

No matter what your style preference is, do what is best for you! If you love the idea of a bright purple wall, go for it! Remember, this is YOUR home!

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