Carpet or Hardwood Floors in Bedrooms: Let’s Talk

There is no doubt that hardwood and carpet flooring are both effective as well as stylish, but which one is considered the best for bedrooms? While hardwood flooring offers a slick, clean look to your home, it can also be a great insulator and is very low-maintenance. Hardwood is extremely easy to clean and does not trap dust as easy as carpet does; definitely a win for pet owners! Though these all sound appealing, hardwood can be a little harder on your pocketbook depending on what style you desire. 

Carpet, on the other hand, is a great update to bedrooms that are above each other. Just think, if you have hardwood floors upstairs, you may run into the problem of hearing every step that your child is making- YIKES! Using carpet for upstairs bedrooms are effective as they muffle sounds. Now, let’s go through some pros and cons to decide which one best suits your needs! 

DIY Installation: 




  • Save nearly $1.oo per square foot on labor

  • Less time consuming 

  • It can be tough when working with different rooms or poor subfloor conditions. 

  • Have to rent tools to install 






  • Can save up to $8 per square foot on labor 

  • Renting tools will cost more 

  • Complicated 

  • Must acclimate for many days


Best for DIY Installation: Carpet


 While carpet has not lost it’s charm to home buyers, there has been a major shift into wanting hardwood floors instead. If you are planning on installing new carpeted floors within your bedrooms, this statistically does not affect your resale value. However, old/dated carpet will have an affect through selling your home. Roughly 20% of realtors advise their client to invest in installing hardwood floors as this project has an average return investment of 90%. 

Higher Resale Value: Hardwood




  • Not durable

  • Needs replacement every 5-10 years 

  • Extremely durable 

  • Needs replacement every 50 years 


Longest-Term Investment: Hardwood

Moisture Resistance 




  • Carpet is more breathable and can withstand a certain level of exposure. 

  • If it does get wet, the fibers can trap this moisture and create an environment where mold can grow. 





  • Harder woods can withstand moisture if coated with an appropriate wood finish. 

  • Can be susceptible to moisture which could lead into a warp in your floors. It is not suggested to put hardwoods down in a basement for this reason. 


No matter what you choose to place in your bedrooms, be sure to review these pros and cons. With this knowledge, you can decide what will be best for your home. There is not an answer on which is considered to be “better.” 

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