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Okay, we all know that it is stressful when trying to move in general, but if it is your first rodeo, it can sometimes lead to a mess! Relocation does seem to be an overwhelming experience, but is there a way to simplify your move? Whether it be into a new home or apartment, we want to give you all our own advice before packing your bags! I know you are eager to move out of mom and dad’s house, but have you thought about your game plan? Well, it is important that you are reading this blog post then! We are here to give you a plan-of-attack while in the process of moving! 

Use Garbage Bags for Your Clothes.

Instead of boxing up your clothes, just to put them back on the hangers, cover them with garbage bags. This way, you avoid wasting time on packing clothes that do not necessarily need to be packed up. Place the garbage bag over the hangers and tie them off at the top of the hangers. This will be an easier way to transport your clothes from one place to another. Many people do not think about the use of garbage bags, but they are extremely useful for a move! 

Use Styrofoam Plates to Transport Glass Plates

Of course, glass will be needed to be treated with a little tender, love, and care (TLC) while moving, but is there a way to make this easier as well? If you thought yes, then you are completely right! Instead of spending an endless amount of time on wrapping these glass plates individually, use styrofoam plates to separate them while stacking. This is just as effective as wrapping them in paper! By using styrofoam plates, you will prevent them from clashing against each other during the move! There will be a lower chance of breakage, but be sure to mark fragile on the boxes as all methods are not foolproof! 

Secure Makeup with Cotton Balls 

Alright makeup wearers, this is where you will need to pay attention! It can be a super tricky task to move all of your makeup from one place to another, but this little hack will save your life, I promise you! During the moving process, you run into the chance of breaking your makeup making it pretty useless at that point. By the time you try to use it, you will more than likely spill more broken blush on the bathroom rugs than on your face. However, you can simply protect all of your makeup with cotton balls! The cotton balls will shelter powdered cosmetics against getting bumped and shattered while you move. This simple hack will save your makeup from an untimely demise! 

Take a Picture of Your Electronics Before Packing Them 

Yes, as weird as this may sound, this is a simple way to avoid a hassle of reconnecting the TV plugs. I mean, let’s all be honest here, if you are not an electrician wizard of some sort, you will likely spend an endless amount of time trying to plug in wires into the right places. However, if you take a picture of the way it was set up before packing, this can save some time, plus you possibly could watch some TV while taking a break from the move!

Leave Everything in Your Drawers

Taking your clothes out of your dresser and putting them into a box to move is one of the best ways to waste your time! The best way to transport your clothes that are tucked into your drawers is to keep them there. Leave everything in its place, and just wrap with plastic wrap. This will save you an immense amount of time during packing and unpacking.

Use an Egg Carton to Transport Jewelry

Like makeup, transporting jewelry can be just as hard to avoid damage! Most of us have a jewelry box we could use to transport these items, but you cannot avoid the ‘bumping’ around that may occur while moving these items. However, if you were to use an egg carton for your jewelry, you can easily separate and organize your jewelry. Plus, this will prevent your beloved jewelry from becoming broken. There are many hacks that you can follow to transport your jewelry, and this is one of many things you could do while going through the moving process.


Whether into an apartment or home, these tips will help you save some time while going through your move!

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