9 Things You MUST Do to Sell Your Home in Cookeville, Tennessee.

According to recent trends, the number of homes for sale fell 13.5% in Tennessee, year-over-year

That drop in supply is a good thing for homeowners across the state, given how demand for housing has skyrocketed since the pandemic.

With a drop in supply and a rise in demand comes excellent offers for homeowners, and that notion extends to Tennessee. The numbers tell the story, with home prices across the state up 18.6% year-over-year as of June, per the previously mentioned reports. 

That jump in price wouldn’t mean much if sales weren’t being closed. However, despite the drop in supply, there’s been an 11.6% year-over-year statewide increase in sold homes. 

There’s no doubt we’re in the midst of a sellers boom for real estate both state and nationwide.

Still, nationwide and statewide trends only indicate how real estate sells in a given city or region. But it’s not a hard and fast rule. So, if you’re saying, “I want to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” it might have different implications.

With that said, here’s what you need to know about selling your home in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #1: Know the Lay of the Land

Unless you’re forced to sell for any given reason (e.g., job loss, debt), the entire point of selling your home is to get the highest possible return.

As a rule, your home will have risen in value substantially from when you bought it. Provided you’re able to sell it, you’re going to turn a tidy profit. 

All the same, timing is everything. You can really maximize your selling price by paying attention to the current trends specific to where you live. So, be mindful that you aren’t just trying to sell a home in Tennessee. 

No--you’ve come to this blog saying, “I want to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee.”

Therefore, you must keep your ear to the ground and understand buyer behaviors in Cookeville, specifically.

Knowing the Specifics of Your City or Region Informs Your Decisions

According to the most recent reports - unlike the rest of the country and state - Cookeville’s housing demand doesn’t outweigh its supply, matching it instead. Given the lower population, that’s not much of a surprise.

Despite supply and demand evening out, home prices have risen in Cookeville in the past year, with the average listed cost at $227.5 thousand. That amounts to a 31.9% year-over-year jump. 

It makes sense that Cookeville is on the rise. Recent reports paint a positive economic picture, with unemployment rates over a whole percentage point less than the national average. Additionally, the Cookeville job market experienced a 1.9% jump from this year to last. 

Even more promising are the future job growth prospects in Cookeville. 

It’s projected that over the next decade, the city will experience a 42.5% increase in employment, which is 9% higher than the national US average.

Combine economic success with a low cost of living (22% less than the national average) and convenient commute times, you have yourself an attractive place to live in 2021. 

Needless to say, if you’re a homeowner who’s decided, “I want to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” your timing couldn’t be better. 

Understanding Trends Helps With Timing Your Home Sale

These are the facts you need to brush up on when you’re asking, “do I want to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee?” 

After all,  while the outlook is currently fantastic for home sellers in the city, that might not be the same a year from now. Provided the landscape was less seller-friendly, it could mean you should hold off until the market picks up again. 

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #2: Find a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to profits, people can think they’re playing the long game when they’re really being short-sighted. It’s an understandable human error--but it’s a mistake, nonetheless.

Here’s an example:

You might think, “I can sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee all on my own--who needs a realtor?”

This approach is known as “"for sale by owner (FSBO).” And trying to sell your house this way would be an enormous mistake.

Real Estate Agent Commissions Are a Worthy Investment

It’s understandable if the average 5% or 6% commission a realtor charges might rub you the wrong way. With the median selling price for a home in Cookeville being $285,000, you might end up forking over upwards of $14,000.

But the cost mentioned above is minimal - and actually quite reasonable - compared to the price you’ll pay for trying to sell without a real estate agent. 

Buyer Facing Realtors Usually Don’t Show FSBO Homes. 


Imagine you’ve said to yourself, “I want to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee, all on my own.”

In this case, even if a potential buyer wants to see an FSBO home, their realtor will likely discourage them.

This reaction isn’t an insult to you as a seller. It’s just that many agents have been burned by FSBO sellers before. For example, realtors haven’t received the agreed-upon commission for their part in the sale from the FSBO seller, and such outcomes make an agent very skeptical.

Real Estate Agents Take the Emotion Out of the Transaction

Buyer-facing realtors want to avoid emotional transactions. These situations are far more likely if you decide, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee, on my own.”

Because of these emotions at play, bad decisions tend to go hand-in-hand with FSBO sales. Sellers not using a real estate agent often get offended by low offers and choose not to counter. Or, they try to sell at too high of a price in the first place.

Hiring a real estate agent to help you with the sales process gives you the necessary emotional distance to attract the best possible offers on your home. 

Work with Professionals Who Know How to Navigate Real Estate

Real estate requires dedicated expertise. Just because you’ve stated, “I don’t need a realtor to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” doesn’t mean you have the skills to do so. 

Successfully selling real estate requires a thorough grasp of market trends and buyer behaviors. This level of knowledge and wisdom only comes when working full-time in space.

A skilled real estate agent will guide you through the process with a sure hand, from the appropriate pricing to effective marketing tactics.

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #3: Outer Appearances Matter

Imagine turning up to a job interview in sweatpants. Your unkempt outward appearance will turn off interviewers who won’t bother to see all the fantastic things you have to offer.

Your house is much the same. In the industry, it’s known as “curb appeal.” And it’s something you must prioritize when you decide, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee.”

Even if the inside of your home is gorgeous, an unkempt outside will scare away potential buyers. 

Use Paint for Little Touch-Ups

Have you decided, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee?”

Then improve your curb appeal by repainting the following areas:

  • Trim

  • Mailbox

  • Electrical box on the side of the house (and any connecting pipes)

  • Other small spaces

Also, ensure the color you use matches your house for a clean, crisp look.

Give Your Garage Door a Makeover

Upgrading your garage door will please the eyes of any onlooker with minimal spending on your part.

Before making any decision, consider the purpose of your space. For example, a garage meant for work should have a door with large window inserts, bringing more natural light to the area. 

Whereas garages used for storage should focus on energy efficiency (i.e., an insulated door). 

It’s then worth noting the need to tidy your garage since potential buyers often enter through this space. 

Spruce Up Your Porch

So, you’ve made the pivotal choice, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee.”

During a potential buyer’s first glance of your home, an outdoor gathering area on your front porch will start things off on the right track. All you need is some chairs and outdoor pillows. Perhaps, a little table could tie everything together nicely. 

To avoid sinking too much budget into sprucing up your porch, use indoor furniture you’ve already bought. Just ensure it’s weatherproof. 

What if your porch is too small for a bunch of furniture?

A small bench can do the trick, adding a quaint sort of charm to your porch that will attract onlookers.

Beautify Your Front Yard

A home with a lawn that looks like a wild jungle won’t do much for curb appeal. But as a homeowner, you already understand the value of lawn upkeep.

However, your efforts need to ramp up that extra bit further when you’ve decided, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee.” As such, upkeep doesn’t begin and end with your lawn but expands to the bushes surrounding your home. 

Overgrown boxwoods, for instance, will block the view of your home so potential buyers can’t get a good look. Ensure you trim and weed so that your yard compliments the rest of your home.

Accessorize on a Budget

If you’ve thought, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” then you want potential buyers to fall in love with your home at first glance.

As such, you should hang 1 or 2 birdhouses on the most visible trees in your yard. Or, you could accessorize your flower beds with sculptures or garden statues of frogs, turtles, or gnomes.

Consider visiting the garden store and purchasing a trellis or arbor. When placed near your backyard entrance, this little touch will give onlookers an eye-pleasing focal point.

Tidy and Clean Your Front Yard

You can say to yourself, “I want to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” but that won’t happen with a cluttered yard.

All those bits of clutter and mess aren’t a big deal before selling.

Unfortunately, when you’re selling ANYTHING for 6 figures (or more), you’ve got to go the extra mile to keep things neat and streamlined.

Here’s a list of those tidy-up efforts you must make:

  • Store long hoses in a basket or pot.

  • Hide cans, bins, and your air conditioning unit by creating a fence with a connected prefab lattice

  • Use a power washer to clean your driveway and surrounding sidewalk. 

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #4: Get Rid of Clutter

We’ve heard homeowners say so many times, “I want to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee.” And in their mind, attracting buyers shouldn’t be hard, especially if they’ve hired a top-notch real estate agent who knows the lay of the land.

There’s still one problem: your home might be too cluttered. 

When people come for viewings, they need to see themselves living in - and enjoying - the house. That’s an impossible feat when they’re stepping over shoeboxes and garbage bags moving from room to room. It also creates the illusion of less space, amounting to another turn-off for potential buyers.

A further problem with too much clutter is it tells interested buyers that you haven’t taken care of your home.

Don’t Declutter Everything at Once

Anyone who’s lived in their home for an extended period will have accumulated hundreds - if not thousands - of personal possessions. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of clutter to sift through, even if you’re neat by nature.

Attempting to get rid of all this clutter at once is a losing battle. Try chunking off your efforts, decluttering on a room-by-room basis.

Start clearing the room with the most clutter (e.g., spare room or office) and work in descending order. By the time you get to the final room - with the least mess - it will be a lot easier.

Give yourself the motivation to declutter by setting up frequent donation drop-off and pickup dates.

Beyond increasing your chance of selling at a more favorable price, you’ll also reduce moving costs because you’ll have fewer items to transfer. 

Make the Home Less Personalized

You’re reading this article and saying, “I want to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee.” But you need to remove “MY” from your thought process and be less personal about it. It won’t be your home anymore soon enough.

Yes, you’ve spent many years making memories in your home. But you’ve got to take the sentiment out of the equation.

You’re trying to sell your home to someone else. They need to see a blank slate where they can create their own memories. Whereas viewing a home that’s packed with personal possessions makes potential buyers feel like they’re intruding. 

With these notions in mind, put your family photos and other personal items in storage when you’re selling.

Get Rid of Decorations from Horizontal Surfaces

Keep anything horizontal (e.g., floors, tables, islands, counters) entirely clear of any items. And remove as many decorative pieces as possible from these areas.

Remember, people aren’t purchasing a home based on the previous owner’s decorative tastes. Instead, they’re looking at open spaces where they can add their own personal touches. Removing these items creates the illusion of more space and sparks a potential buyer’s imagination.

Look for Space

In making your home more attractive to buyers, be creative in how you declutter. 

There is the challenge that you still need to live in your home until you sell it. But you can offset that issue by deciding what you need for now and what you can pack away until you move.

Buyers want storage space, and you need to show that you have plenty of it, even if it requires a little bit of magic, so to speak. 

Beyond packing everything away you don’t need, you can also organize your cupboards and remove any surface clutter. Making your home as minimalist as possible will show interested buyers the potential space they can use.  

(Note: We’ve delved deeply into the topics that require the most focus for selling your home. Now, we’re going to finish up with some quick tips to help ensure you entice a buyer into giving you the best possible offer.)

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #5: Use Neutral Tones for Your Walls

You’re reading this article with the belief, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” but have run into a snag. Namely, you have accented walls in non-neutral colors, such as orange or purple.

Don’t take the oncoming suggestion the wrong way because the colors probably look fantastic and really fit your aesthetic. Our tip isn’t a commentary on your design or tastes--we only want to help sell your home.

More specifically, a potential buyer might not like those more bold color choices and not make an offer as a result.

Neutral colors tend to win the day on this front, as buyers have an easier time envisioning what the home would look like with their preferred touches. Think beiges and greys, especially for more traditional-looking homes. 

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #6: Get Rid of Scuff Marks

Make your house look immaculate by scrubbing and touching up baseboards, doors, and walls.

First and foremost, the visual will immediately please the eyes of potential buyers. What’s more, is it will tell people you’ve taken care of your home, easing any suspicions of underlying issues. 

No doubt, some buyers don’t mind purchasing a “fixer-upper.” But you have to understand the implications involved. These types of people are looking for a discount to renovate and sell at a higher price.

Buyers willing to spend don’t want to purchase a home with tons of minor repairs and touch-ups they need to deal with.  

Since you’ve decided and said, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” you likely want to turn the highest possible profit. You can’t do that if your home lingers on the market. 

And your house will linger on the market if it isn’t looking in tip-top shape. 

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #7: Tighten Door Knobs and Replace Missing Light Bulbs

This suggestion falls in line with the previous one, but it’s worth its own section to emphasize its importance.

When you already live in a home, loose doorknobs and missing light bulbs aren’t that big of a deal. However, when you’re looking at a home to purchase, those slight discrepancies tell buyers the house isn’t well cared for. 

It might seem unfair, but a loose door handle might mean a crooked foundation or faulty wiring to a buyer.

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #8: Use Plants to Your Advantage

A homeowner who’s said, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” gives themselves a tremendous advantage when they embrace green.

By using plants, you’re establishing a far brighter and welcoming environment than without. Bouquets of flowers and fruit bowls on the kitchen counter are also highly effective for selling. 

Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee Rule #9: Be Mindful of Odors

You might not notice specific odors in your home, whether food, pet, or otherwise. The downside of this is these undetected smells can be a turnoff to potential buyers.

Bring in an unbiased third party to tell you what your home smells like to an outsider. Provided it’s off-putting, you’ll need to perform a deep clean because masking the odor with sprays, candles, or deodorizers won’t work. 

Conclusion (and a Bonus “Sell My House in Cookeville, Tennessee” Rule)

Before giving you a parting word or two, we must stress the importance of staging your home. 

With that said, click here for a deep-dive article on staging as it requires a more specific focus. 

As for the rest of this blog:

Anyone who’s decided, “I’m going to sell my house in Cookeville, Tennessee,” is on the right track after reading the article.

Follow the suggestions given, and you’ll be well on your way to turning a tidy profit. 

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