5 Secrets Every Home Seller Needs to Know

Selling a home is an exciting but daunting process. It’s an intricate process that requires knowledge and experience to ensure the home is sold quickly and for a great price. Whether you’re selling a single family home or a multi-family complex, there are 5 secrets every home seller should know before listing your property in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Secret #1: First Impressions of Your Home Are Important: It’s like a first date! A bad first impression online or in person means a buyer may quickly "swipe left" and move on to the next home. When you want to attract the perfect buyer and get top dollar, presentation is key! Just a few simple improvements can work wonders in showing off your home's distinct charm. Make sure you emphasize its best features by decluttering - don't let potential buyers be distracted from what really stands out. And of course, having an experienced REALTOR will ensure that your house looks as good for potential buyers as possible – so start searching today!

Secret #2: Marketing Starts Before the Sign: The more people who see what you have to offer, the better chance you have of finding interested buyers quickly. A good REALTOR can give your home the edge it needs to sell faster in today's competitive market. With 97% of buyers researching online, you need an expert that knows how to capture their attention and get them through the door. At Skender-Newton Realty, our unparalleled marketing strategies and networking capabilities result in more sales, higher sales prices, and in less time on the market. Our expertise is unrivaled, as our real estate agents in the Cookeville area sell over 400 properties year after year. That’s because we have the most productive agents per capita in the area. We don’t just plug your home into a “system” like the many behemoth brokerages who focus solely on volume. The average days on market for homes sold by SNR is almost seven weeks faster than the average days on market for the rest of the Upper Cumberland Association of REALTORs. Remember, in real estate, time is money.

Secret #3: Open Houses Are A Must: Open houses are one of the best ways to showcase all that your home has to offer without having dozens of strangers walking through it while they try to imagine what they could do with it. An open house allows potential buyers to get an up close look at what they could own if they purchase from you – which increases their chances of making an offer! Make sure that when hosting an open house you focus on creating a comfortable environment for everyone who visits so that they feel welcome and can picture themselves living there during their visit.

Secret #4: You Deserve A Satisfaction Guarantee: With so many Realtors out there, it can be hard to choose the one who'll get you top value for your home. You want more than just talk - you want a commitment to action. You need someone with real experience and a track record of success. For example, at Skender-Newton Realty we have four ways to get you sold. The average real estate agent in the Cookeville, Tennessee Highlands area only sold 15 listings in 2022. Heather Skender-Newton with the SNR team sold 452 listings in 2022. People hire us because we provide our clients with what they actually need to properly sell their properties - A PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION, A PERSONALIZED STRATEGY, POWERFUL NEGOTIATIONS, and PROVEN RESULTS.

Secret #5: A Realtor's Experience Makes A Difference: Working with an experienced REALTOR is key when selling a home in Cookeville, Tennessee. They will be able to provide expertise on local market trends which can help set realistic expectations about pricing for potential buyers. Experienced REALTOR’s can also offer advice on how best to stage/market/prepare homes for sale based on past experience in similar situations! Having someone experienced by your side throughout this process means less stress and hassle for yourself - so make sure that whoever you choose has plenty of years under their belt when it comes to working within local markets.

Selling a home is an adventure, no doubt! If you don't know the secrets to success, it can feel overwhelming. Working with an experienced REALTOR can help secure successful sales results without too much headache involved. To set yourself up for majorly successful and stress-free results in property sales, brush up on these five tips that will help ensure smooth sailing from start to finish. So have at it – knowledge really is power when it comes time to sell those properties (and get top dollar while you're at it)!

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