4 Beautiful Sears Catalog Homes You Can Purchase Today!

In the early 1900s, technology was making some serious headway by developing the world’s very first car designed by Henry Ford. After the very first line of cars hit the market, it opened jobs for those interested in being a salesman. With the early 1900s being noted as booming in new and creative ideas, Richard Sears had an “equally disruptive” thought. He designed the Sears & Roebuck Kit Homes which ultimately helped sell thousands of homes all across the country! For this week’s blog, we decided to check out an article written by Emile L’plattenier and write about four beautiful Sears catalog homes that are still available to purchase in today’s market! 

  • 320 Market Street, Venice, California

    Sitting nearly at a whopping $2.5M, this Wabash model home is nestled in Venice, California. This home has been completely renovated and has a modern touch throughout its extravagant layout. However, the owners kept many original artifacts from its original time in 1913.

  • 5953 North Jefferson Street, Burlington, Kentucky 

    Built in the early 1920s, this home holds an immense amount of class. This home has been beautifully renovated while keeping its original touches that added character to this home. The owners of this home kept the picture frame moldings and french doors. This home also lays a beautiful yard that is perfect for a getaway on a summer afternoon with a mint julep and a great book! 

  • 1670 Whitcomb Avenue, Des Plaines, Illinois

    This Crescent model home was built in the late 1920s. Unlike the others we have previously discussed, this home is largely untouched from its original design. Sure, there have been many updates added in by the owners, but it has stayed true to its original architectural vision. 

  • 313 West Symmes Street, Norman, Oklahoma

    This home is the oldest home on our list, but it still holds a breathtaking amount of character from its original time period. Sitting at nearly $500K, this home was built in 1902. Yes, before Sears started selling homes from their catalog in 1908. There have been some renovations made to this lovely home, but the owners wanted it to sparkle with its original class, marking it as unique compared to the other homes.

These homes are wonderful to view, and if you are ever in the area where these homes stand their beauty, be sure to swing by and witness their breathtaking features! However, we just ask you to be sure to take a picture for us when you go! 

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