2021 Staging Trends

While the pandemic continues, so does the need for change. Many desired to change up their homes a little bit, and the pandemic was the perfect time to do so! Whether it was to change the overall theme or just redo a paint job, it was the perfect time to reevaluate our homes from a new perspective! Making the transition into primarily working from home has urged homeowners to redo the layout and appearance of their homes. Homeowners and designers are now bringing a “cozy” or “casual living” look into their homes. “Cozy” will continue to be the new “luxury living.” 

If you are trying to sell your home, there are a few trends to follow to make your home more appealing to a potential buyer. Follow these when staging your home, and watch it sell faster than ever before! 

  1. Laid-Back Lifestyle:

    In the past, a clean and classic look to your home was ideal. However, we have made a shift into cozy and casual. Professional staging designer, Kristinza Bell, explains that modern home staging can make a home feel “cold” or “uncomfortable.” When setting up your home to be shown, you want potential buyers to feel “at ease.” We are not saying to throw out all of your classic paintings and paint your walls pink, but you should add a little more splash of color into your home. The 2021 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year is Urbane Bronze, which has been extremely popular amongst homeowners over the past year. Earth-tone palettes are in! By adding an accent wall or painting a full room a bold color, you can highlight certain areas of your home. Many homeowners have now shifted into “zen living” by adding reading nooks and yoga areas within their homes. Picture the “new” look to your home compared to a cottage. 

  2. Natural Elements:

    When you think of a cottage or a “zen lifestyle,” what do you imagine? Adding some plants, paintings of natural areas/animals or vivid tropical motifs into your home can add a fresh and comfortable look. Plants, of course, do a great job of freshening the air in your home, but they can also bring “zen” to those who are looking to purchase your home. 

  3. Decorative Lighting:

    Of course, lighting is an important part of brightening your home, but have you thought about the style of lamp chosen to accentuate your home’s features? Unique and artful lighting is stealing the scene in living rooms, dining areas, and even in the bedrooms! Many styles are popular, and we will continue to see a mix of materials, finishes, and styles of lighting that will expand our point of view. Black, bronze, and gold are the colors that are popular amongst light fixtures, and we should expect the trend of the color brass to linger a bit longer. Lighting has now become the new statement jewelry of our homes! 

  4. Home Office:

    As stated before, more and more companies are shifting into working from home or working a hybrid schedule. Through this, we have developed a new feature of a home that had possibly been looked over in the past. 2020-present has shown us how important home office staging is. By providing a cozy place to work from home, it can help sell the home faster. 

  5. Showcase Your Staged Home Online

    Real estate sales have relied on online traffic during the stay-at-home period during the beginning stages of the pandemic, and it has not slowed down by any means! Real estate offices are still finding more leads online, so this may be the new normal. Knowing this, you will need to have a professional photographer photograph your staged home to advertise online. This will help obtain more potential buyers! 

These are the new staging trends in the year 2021, and they are expected to stay through 2022. If you are looking to spice up your home, be sure to follow some of these steps to ensure a comfortable living space. If you have any questions, give us a ring! Skender-Newton Realty can help answer any questions you have about selling and staging your home! Give us a call today!

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