10 Upgrades to Increase Your Home Value!

If you own a home, you should see a shift in your home’s value for the better! In today’s current market, it benefits those who are ready to sell. If you choose to sell at this moment in time, you will likely get top-dollar for your home! As this seems like the best outcome, are you willing to go the extra mile to ensure a sale over the chosen asking price? No matter how well the market is performing, well-maintained and upgraded homes sell for more than homes that have not been updated. With styles continuously changing, it can be hard to know what upgrades are worth the investment.  Over 75% of homes who have had updates within three years, automatically increase in value. Now, how can you accomplish this for yourself? We are going to go through a list of ten upgrades that will appeal more to your buyers and ensure a great sale! Now, most of these items are not not necessarily huge jobs, but rather small projects that can be accomplished over a period of time. 

  1. Driveway Before They Drive Away 

    Your driveway is important based on its curb appeal. Homes in our area do not always have driveways, but it can be important to those searching for a home. With as many out-of-state buyers coming into the Cookeville area, you want your home to “pop.” A great first impression makes for a more interested buyer. If you have interlock bricks, re-level and be sure to repair any wobbly bricks. Just imagine, you are a potential buyer looking for the home of your dreams, and you step on a wobbly stone. While this may not seem as a huge ordeal, this could potentially turn-off a buyer before stepping into your home. Another item that is extremely easy to accomplish is pressure washing and pulling weeds. This will make your home look sharp and clean. 

These projects are weather-permitting, but they do help present a great first impression to your potential buyers. Now, if it’s too cold to finish these projects before your aimed listing date, do not worry! The inside is the most important item when it comes to showing your home. 


  1. Ahoy Matey, Patch Those Holes! 

    In the current market, it is recommended to purchase a home before you decide to sell, which may lead to packing some of the house earlier than originally thought. When it’s time to pack up some of your home, some leftover holes, bumps, and scratches may be more prominent. However, some patchwork can be a simple fix to this problem! Since you will likely have to paint to ‘liven’ up your home, go ahead and grab some putty. Patching up holes is an easy fix to small holes created by hanging pictures, curtain rods, etc.. Remember, a smooth patch job will rejuvenate your home! 


  1. Wash the Dingy Windows! 

    The easiest way to brighten up your home is to wash your windows from the inside to out! Dirty windows often block the amount of sunlight coming in, which can cause your home to feel dark, uninviting, or dull. However, a quick clean can make the difference! The best way to thoroughly clean your windows is with a 1:1 vinegar and hot water solution and wipe it down with a newspaper. Trust us, using this method will reduce streaking and intensify that wanted shine! 

  2. It’s Time for Change.

    In the United States, there are many homes that have the generic, builder-basic faucets that have lost their sparkle. If you do not attempt to change these out, they can often cause your home to feel dated and tired. If you find that your taps do not have the same lusture, it may be time for a replacement. This update is not expensive and can only be a couple hundred dollars for 3-4 bathrooms. 

  3. They Need to GO!

    Replacing door knobs and other hardware can seem a little less appealing for the homeowner up for the task, but there is too much benefit to this! By upgrading a few handles, it can potentially take off 30 years from your home! Older cabinet handles can also date a home, especially if they are plastic, wood, or a combination of wood and brass; it’s got-to-go! Many homeowners see this as a tedious and expensive project, but it is actually rather cheap and easy. If it can make your home look more modern and fresh, why not make the attempt to do so! 


  1. Kitchen Backsplash - Yes, You Need One

    There are many people who have yet to buy into the backsplash trend. To see plain drywall behind your kitchen appliances can be impractical and seems unfinished. By adding a beautiful backsplash, it can definitely modernize your home. If it’s going to add some style to your home, why not hop on this trend! Some ideas for backsplash designs are: Calacatta, Carrara, Statuario, or Venetino. All of these are considered to “never go out of style.” 


  1. Let Your Lights Shine! 

    In older homes, you will see that light fixtures with one or two bulbs are considered to be dated. In recent years, many people have replaced these older fixtures with ones that hold  3-5 bulbs. By replacing these, your home will appear brighter and more spacious, causing it to increase in value. 

  2. Flooring - No Scratches and No Carpet.

    Replacing your home’s flooring is important, but it is the most expensive update on this list. Buyers will likely never notice the effort put in if you decide to replace your floors, but it will likely increase your home’s value, especially if you currently have carpet. Tile and hardwood floors are okay, untouched. If you try to replace or repair these, the value will likely stay the same. This is primarily recommended for those who have carpeted floors. So, only consider replacing your flooring if: 

  • If you have the funds to do so. 

  • If the floor is scratched  to the point of needed repair. 

  • Only when you are certain that you will be making more money off your home for the effort.

  1. Dingy Countertops? Time to Replace! 

    When a potential buyer comes into your home for a showing, the ‘make it or break it’ feature is usually the kitchen. If a buyer feels as if your home is dated, it’s likely  because of your kitchen! Countertops are one of the updates that can really alter the feel of your home. A laminate counter combined with a marble backsplash is an affordable way to freshen up your kitchen’s look! 

  2. Interior Painting - Yes, Your House Needs It!

    The most important item on the list is repainting your interior! The #1 thing you can do to make your home more appealing is to paint your walls and trim. Nothing makes a home more fresh and clean like a new coat of paint! If you are one to be bold with your color choice, try toning the colors down a bit. Remember, not everyone will like a purple ceiling! If time is not on your side during the process and you cannot paint your full interior, be sure to at least touch up the trim and patch up the holes, scrapes, and dents. 

Skender-Newton Realty is here to help you sell your home for the best possible price! By doing some of these small updates, it can immensely increase your home’s value!

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