Bad Living Room Layouts - Let’s Fix Them!

The living room is often the most used room in your home, and it tends to shelter each one of our needs. From hosting an  entertaining party to falling asleep in your pajamas, this room is arguably the most important room in your house! With this room being the most used, it can be extremely hard to plan a layout that looks and feels right. However, with every problem, there will always be a solution! 

  1. Not Enough Tables

    One of the most common mistakes when imagining a living room layout, is table space. When you have guests, you want to be sure that they have enough room to place their carried items. You also want to be sure that you’ll have enough room for your own items as well. If you do not have a table to place your coffee while reading your favorite book in the morning, then you may be lacking! Whether it is because of space or clutter, this is an issue that can be easily fixed if you are wanting to feel more comfortable in your living room. 


For smaller places that may feel cluttered, try using glass tables; this will take up less visual space. 

If you cannot fit any end tables, try placing a garden stool in front of the sofa. These stools are small enough to feel spacious and big enough to hold a cup of coffee. 

2. Uncomfortable Conversation Area

The living room is an area for your friends and family to make memorable conversations, and having a comfortable space for your loved ones is extremely important. Most people would rather speak directly in front of the person they are conversing with rather than beside them. While a large sofa and ottoman seems ideal for watching television, it is not a great way to promote conversation. 


Position your furniture directly across from one another. Create an angle with your seating; a 90 degree angle is recommended. This will promote a comfortable place where conversation is recommended. 

  1. Using the Wrong Rug:

An area rug is an amazing way to pull the room together, but if it is the wrong size, it can make the room seem unbalanced and/or uncomfortable. It can be extremely nauseating to have a table with two legs on the rug while one remains off. If an item of furniture rocks while finding the seat of comfort, it can constantly remind you that something is uneven! 


Choose an area rug that can fit the majority of your furniture, and use these guidelines to do so: 

The legs to your furniture should either be all on the run or just have the front two legs on the rug.

All table legs should either be on the rug or off; there is no in between.

Your furniture grouping should center on the rug for a balanced feeling.

To prevent tripping, be sure that the edges of the rug are not in the walkway. 

These are a few corrections to follow if you feel like your living room is unbalanced. If you follow these easy transformations, your living space will look and feel completely different (in a more comfortable way!)

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