5 'To Die For' Desserts


No. 1 CHEESECAKE - From Seven Senses Food & Cheer
Tucked into a small brick building in the historic West Side cultural district, Seven Senses is still one of the newer restaurants in Cookeville. It’s open for lunch and dinner, and the homemade cheesecakes are the best in town. There are usually a few different options, ranging from Reese’s peanut butter to key lime.

No. 2 ICE CREAM - From Cream City Ice Cream & Coffee House
Cream City is one of the most iconic landmarks in Cookeville because of the large sign on top of the building, which lights up the sky over the historic West Side district. Inside the shop, bright green walls and comfortable couches usher the young and old to the ice cream counter, where dozens of flavors and sundaes await.

No. 3 BANANA PUDDING - From Bobby Q’s
They don’t make it easy, but if you can stop yourself from filling up on the main course at this nationally renowned barbecue restaurant, the desserts are worth the self control. The banana pudding’s rich and unexpected caramel flavor, folded around layers of whipped cream and vanilla wafers, does a fabulous job at making you forget that all those bananas, at one time, might have been good for you.

No. 4 APPLE FRITTER - From Ralph’s Donut Shop
Recently listed as one of America’s 25 best donut shops, Ralph’s Donut Shop has been a Cookeville favorite since it opened more than 50 years ago. The rankings on The Daily Meal put Ralph’s apple fritter as one of the 25 best donuts in the country, but buyer beware: this fritter is big enough for two. The plain and chocolate-covered butter twists are their most popular options, but there’s no such thing as a bad donut at Ralph’s.

No. 5  CANNOLI - From World Foods International Grocery & Delicatessen
Walking into World Foods International Grocery & Delicatessen, a tiny shop that is easy to miss, is like walking into another country. Foods and snacks from the northern Mediterranean line the display cases. Come for the pizza, stay for the cannoli and say hello to the sweet older couple who run the place and keep the customers in line, sometimes out the door!

*Information courtesy of Cookeville THE SOURCEBOOK 19th EDITION