7 Local Outdoor Bistros


No. 1 CRAWDADDYS - 53 W. Broad St | (931) 526-4660
Sitting on the shaded, fenced patio of this New Orleans-inspired restaurant is a favorite pastime of many Cookevillians. A cornerstone of the town’s historic West Side, locals love the food, the ambiance and, of course, the cocktail list. On the weekends, there is often live music starting up as the stars come out and the fireflies dance, and Crawdaddys brunch is one of the best in town.

No. 2 MAURICIO’S - 232 N. Peachtree Ave. | (931) 528-2456
Surrounded by twinkle lights on the porch of a historic home a few blocks from downtown, Mauricio’s is the perfect place for a romantic evening or to catch up with friends over Italian margaritas. Inside, the rooms of the home have been maintained and decorated with antiques to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Known for its Italian-style dishes, it also has one of the best steaks in town.

No. 3 CHAR - 14 S. Washington Ave. | (931) 520-2427
Just off the square, Char has two fairly large seated sections indoors and a patio that, though not far from the sidewalks and several heavily traveled streets, feels quiet and secluded because of the high evergreen shrubs and many strands of twinkle lights that surround it. Char frequently has live bands performing inside, especially in the summer, when the garage door opens and the sound carries through the streets.

No. 4 THE LIGHTHOUSE RESTAURANT - 13800 Cookeville Boat Dock Road | (931) 858-4008
Accessible by land or water, the Cookeville Boat Dock has a restaurant open seasonally for lunch and dinner and rents boats at its marina on Center Hill Lake. The lake is one of the most popular boating and hiking destinations around, and the restaurant’s family friendly atmosphere and down-home style burgers, salads and sweet tea make it a perfect stop after a day on the water.

No. 5 SPANKIES - 203 E. Ninth St. | (931) 526-3344
Across the railroad tracks from Tennessee Tech University, Spankies is a popular hangout not only for college students, but also for their professors and other professionals. The restaurant offers a wide variety of entrèes and beverages and has a large tented front porch from which guests can enjoy the outside air without being rained on or tousled by the wind.

No. 6 THE GALLEY RESTAURANT AT EDGAR EVINS MARINA - 2100 Edgar Evins State Park Road | (931) 858-5695
Edgar Evins Marina is home to The Galley Restaurant, another local favorite along the 415 miles of Center Hill Lake shore. The restaurant is open seasonally, with indoor and outdoor seating and a menu of steak, seafood, hamburgers, sandwiches and locally brewed Calfkiller beer.

No. 7 MOOGIE’S BBQ - 79 E. Spring St. | (931) 646-4610
This family-owned restaurant smokes all of its meat on-site, as the massive woodpile can attest. The drive-thru-or-sit-down barbecue spot has a few picnic tables out front and makes some of the most tender, and smokiest, wings and sandwiches in Cookeville.

*Information courtesy of Cookeville THE SOURCEBOOK 19th EDITION