City of Cookeville

History The formation of Putnam was illegal because it reduced their areas below constitutional limits, Overton and Jackson counties secured an injunction against its continued operation. Putnam officials failed to reply to the complaint, and in the March 1845 Chancellor Bromfield L. Ridley declared Putnam unconstitutionally established and therefore dissolved. The 1854 act that reestablished Putnam was passed after a new survey showed that there was sufficient area to form the county. The act specified that the "county town" be named "Cookeville" in honor of Richard F. Cooke, who served in the Tennessee Senate from 1851-1854, representing at various times Jackson, Fentress, Macon, Overton and White Counties. Chosen for its springs and central spot, Cookeville was incorporated in 1856.

Location 79 miles east of Nashville 101 miles west of Knoxville at the intersection of I-40 and Highway 111

Population 36,030

Elevation 1133’ above sea level

Area 33 square miles

Government Mayor Ricky Shelton, (931) 520-1500 / City manager, (931) 520-5240  

Public Safety Fire Dept.: (931) 520-5255 Police Dept.: (931) 526-2125

Utilities Water: City of Cookeville, (931) 520-5214

Electric: City of Cookeville, (931) 520-5214

Gas: City of Cookeville, (931) 520-5214

*Information courtesy of THE CITY OF COOKEVILLE