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24 years of real estate
plus a lifetime of caring
delivers a house sale, on
average, every 20 hours
for SNR Owner/ Broker
Heather Skender-Newton!

Five Important Reasons SNR dominates the Upper Cumberland real estate market and helps clients save thousands of dollars:

1. Track-Record

Heather’s sales performance has earned her ongoing ranking in The Wall Street Journal as Tennessee’s #3 team in the State of Tennessee!

2. Personal Relationships

Heather uses her sense of personal caring, experience, and knowledge to build trusting relationships with buyers and sellers.

I love helping people achieve their Great American Dream … she is often heard to say… to help buyers find the homes they want, and help sellers make the moves they want to make.”

Speaking of moving, did you know a major new psychology study rates MOVING as “Life’s 3rd Most Stressful Event”?

Heather’s response:
“Our Team has completed stress management training, and understands the increase in daily pressures that accompany home and property sales and purchases and, of course: Moving!
We help every Client’s move be a positive experience. We even stay in touch long after their closings—often for years! And that’s not part of any real estate contract. We don’t get paid extra for it. We simply care about people . . . Period.”

3. SNR Client Specialist Support Team

Heather has put together what she calls: “The Best matchup of real estate specialists to meet Client needs since Cummins and Burgess Falls started to fall."

SNR’s Specialist Support Team is “available” to every SNR Client and works at no extra cost.

Child concerns? Just ask. SNR Team Members are parents to 32 children!

Insider Area Info? Just ask. Our Support Team Members have lived in the Tennessee Highlands for a combined 400+ years!

Heather and husband Matt, son Barrett, daughter Hadley

4. Attitude

Many real estate agents use high-pressure sales tactics, just short of arm-bending.

Here’s Heather’s take:
“We believe it’s our job to Earn Respect. We do that every day! We don’t need to be loud, pushy, high-pressure, or know-it-all. We always try to put ourselves in the Client’s shoes!
“We bring the finest Tennessee Highlands Network of house, property, and business buy/sell experts available to each and every client’s table.
“These experts are professionals and community leaders. We are proud to have them as associates. They answer questions honestly and directly. They stay involved through the closing, and beyond. They are invested in helping clients make the best buying and selling decisions possible.”

5. Quiet Community Support and Participation

SNR Cares, a non-profit, was recently started by the team of SNR. They did so to create a stronger movement within the team to give back to the community. In addition, SNR's ongoing support, financial and staff time contributions have had a positive impact with Habitat for Humanity, Mustard Seed Ranch, TTU, Cookeville Regional Medical Center, various Children’s organizations, numerous churches, and patron-of-the-arts exhibits and performances.

“We’re in the business of helping people. We just happen to sell houses!”

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